Sunday, May 21, 2006


People keeping whinging about how they will fuel their cars and heat their homes in a post oil society, like that’s the only area that will be affected by peak oil. The biggest problem with peak oil is all the industries that depend on derivatives of oil, such as the plastic and chemical industry, farming (in the form of pesticides and transport), pharmaceuticals, and electronics. These are just the tip of the iceberg, go down to your local supermarket and check out where most of the food is produced, you can bet that most it comes from abroad, places such as Africa, Asia and S.America.

This is where the biggest problems lie, because there is likely to a global economic breakdown as oil gets more and more expensive. The industries that rely of oil as part of their products, manufacturing and transportation will be greatly affected. We are heading towards a depression of the same magnitude as the 1930’s or greater. Yet people are more concearned with how they will travel about, the answer use your legs and only shop and work locally.


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